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The Social Role Valorization Implementation Project (SRVIP) is a human service training, evaluation and consultation effort aimed at addressing the social devaluation of impaired and other vulnerable people in contemporary society. Social Role Valorization (SRV), as articulated by Wolf Wolfensberger, PhD, is our theoretical base.

What is Social Role Valorization?

Read this informative article by Joe Osburn that gives a basic introduction to the theory of Social Role Valorization (SRV). | PDF (10 pages - 162 K) >>

Life-Threatening Public Policy: An Eight Part Series

Public policy that threatens the lives of people with impairments is not a new reality. However, the legitimization of policies that end up killing vulnerable people in today’s world is unprecedented. This series will help people to recognize and challenge public policy which threatens the lives of children and adults with impairments.

Download Brochure (PDF - 472K) >>

New virtual trainings

We will be offering a number of courses online by means of video conferencing.

Download Brochure (PDF - 1.4M) >>

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